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It is important for the Gipsformerei der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin to handle your personal data responsibly. Therefore, the following sections explain:

  • Why the Gipsformerei collects and stores data
  • How the Gipsformerei collects the data and what data it stores
  • How you can object to data collection or avoid it
  • Which types of cookies are used on the website of the online catalogue of the Gipsformerei


Why does the Gipsformerei use an analytics software?

The Gipsformerei der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin analyses the use of this website. This will give it information to improve its website. This is, for example, the knowledge of how often certain contents were accessed or which browser was used to view the website. The Gipsformerei uses the stored data exclusively for statistical purposes. Any other use or disclosure of the data to third parties will not take place.

Anonymized/pseudonymized usage analysis with Matomo (formerly Piwik) and the plugin AnonymizeIP

Gipsformerei uses the usage analytics software Matomo recommended by the data protection officers for the web analytics. By an automatic anonymization/pseudonymization of the IP addresses with the plugin AnonymizeIP, the collected data can no longer be assigned to specific individuals. This excludes the possibility of association of usage data or usage profiles with personal data.

What data is stored using the Matomo usage analytics software?

Every time you access a website on the Internet and call up a file, browsers usually transmit data. From the data transmitted during the visit of this website, the Gipsformerei stores the following information

  • Referrer URL (the forwarding site)
  • Anonymized/pseudonymized IP address
  • Country of origin
  • How long do visitors stay on the website?
  • How many visitors does the online catalogue have in a certain period of time?
  • How many visitors make a request (conversion rate)?
  • Which search criteria are used?
  • How often are pages viewed?
  • Which objects are viewed most frequently?


Inconsistent data collection by the web analysis software Matomo.

You can decide whether you agree to the collection and analysis of the above statistical data by the Gipsformerei.

What are cookies and which cookies does this website use?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies allow information exchange between computer programs or storage for a limited period of time. Cookies can only be stored if you allow this in the settings of your browser.

The Gipsformerei website uses cookies to a very limited extent. This means that basically you can view this website without cookies. The cookies used on this website have two different functions:

  • Some of the cookies used ensure the proper functioning and display of the website. The validity of these cookies is limited to the website visit. As soon as you exit your browser, these so-called “session cookies” are deleted.

  • The other cookies used on this website are part of Matomo's usage analytics software. Depending on whether you have accepted or rejected the data collection, either two web analytics cookies or a Matomo disable cookie are stored on your computer. The cookies remain valid for two years if you do not delete them first.


What data is stored in electronic requests via e-mail or form?

For requests by e-mail or via a web form, you must provide certain information to allow the Gipsformerei to contact you. If you transmit personal data to the Gipsformerei during requests or orders, this data will be used only for the respective correspondence or for the purpose stated in the form.

On our website, social plug-ins from Facebook (Facebook Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland) und Google (Google LLC 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) are embedded.

To protect your data during the visit of our website, we embed social plug-ins in compliance with data protection using a “two-click” method. This ensures that when you visit our website, no connection is established to Facebook or Google servers by accessing our website. Only if you actively use a social plugin and thus give your consent to the data transfer, will your browser establish a connection with the provider.

If you visit our website and at the same time you are logged to your Facebook account, the visit to our website can be directly assigned by Facebook. If you “like” our website or leave a comment, this information will be immediately forwarded to Facebook and stored there. This information will also be published in your Facebook account and displayed to your contacts. If you do not want this, log out of your Facebook account first. If you are not a member of Facebook, it is still possible that Facebook will receive your IP address and store it. If you become a member of Facebook later, Facebook may merge this data. We do not know to what extent Facebook collects and stores further data. For more information about the scope and purpose of collection of data by Facebook and your rights and options to protect your privacy, please see the privacy policy of Facebook

If you use the Google Maps social plugin, your IP address is automatically transmitted to Google's servers. Google may collect and process information about your location. Under certain circumstances, Google may be able to link this information to personal data from other Google services.

For more information about the scope and purpose of collection of data by Google and your rights and options to protect your privacy, please see the privacy policy of Google

If you have questions regarding our privacy policy or want to exercise your right to information, please send your request in writing or electronically (e-mail) to the data protection officer

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We recommend you to read our privacy policy from time to time to stay informed of any necessary changes to our privacy policy.


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