More than 7000 objects

The Berlin Gipsformerei produces for you high-quality replicas from almost all epochs and world cultures. Our holdings include more than 7000 impressions of original artworks, which can be produced on request.

They cover, beside many works by unknown masters, moulds and casts of more than 400 known artists from antiquity to modernity such as Polyklet, Praxiteles, the Naumburg Master, Michelangelo, Auguste Rodin or Elisabeth Ney. The work of the classicist sculptor Johann Gottfried Schadow, the author of the Quadriga on the Brandenburg Gate and founder of the Berlin School of Sculpture and his apprentice Christian Daniel Rauch as the first founding director of the Gipsformerei are of particular importance to the workshop.

The casts are meticulously produced by hand to match original and using manufacturing methods which have been handed down for centuries. About 500 originals have been lost, destroyed or are no longer in their original condition. Our original museum replicas keep the historical condition they had at the time of casting and can therefore differ from the present state of the originals. They are therefore important historical sources and documentation objects. We produce most of our museum replicas from historical moulds that are themselves museum pieces and are taken care of as such. With one of our replicas you can keep your own piece of history.